Once upon a time there were two sisters who dreamed of buying a house

But the dream seemed distant: they didn't know how much they could spend, nor did they have pre-approved credit. Besides, Anica lived in Lisbon, Tarica in London.
Until they found Nomad Homes.

Learn how we help you buy a house

We worked together to make the dream come true

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Budget definition based on savings and income and we supported in the pre-approval of the credit

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Sending the best properties available in the market, according to preferences and requirements



Contact with agents and owners to gather additional information about the properties

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Coordination of availability for agile scheduling of property visits

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Analysis of market prices of comparable properties to define proposal values

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Legal support with CPCV in order to safeguard the return of the down payment in case of non-approval of the credit

We wanted to buy a house in Lisbon and thought the experience was going to be a nightmare. Luckily they recommended Nomad Homes to us!"

Anica and Tarica

Ready, Aim, Fire

Based on the income and savings available, we defined the exact budget and moved forward to pre-approve the credit. When the right apartment appeared, we moved quickly and grabbed the opportunity.

January 26, 2022

  • Completed Nomad Homes form
  • They talked for 45 minutes with Advisor
  • They understood exactly their budget
  • Received the first 4 property suggestions
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February 3, 2022

  • Start of credit pre-approval process with our intermediation partner Doutor Finanças
  • Sending the first documents needed for pre-approval

February 12, 2022

  • Home loans already pre-approved
  • First visit to a property in Camarate
  • Market Price Reporting
A street in Lisbon
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February 25, 2022

  • Visit to a 2 bedroom apartment in Odivelas
  • Proposal Analysis and Presentation
  • CPCV review and signing
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1. Finding your best options

  • Understand your budget based on available cash & income
  • Identify the ideal house and explore your requirements
  • Match your requirements to viable options
  • Understand which options are best for you
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2. Getting ready to move fast

  • Dealing with all the paperwork
  • Getting a pre-approved mortgage
  • Be ready to move forward and not miss good opportunities
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3. Be efficient in your search

  • Access every property in the market
  • Suitable options sent to you regularly
  • Choose which to schedule visits
A real estate agent showing a couple around a house

4. Be a step ahead

  • Network of seller agents
  • Early access to new opportunities
  • One step ahead of the market
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5. Get the best deal

  • Accurate appraisals and market valuations
  • Anticipate hidden costs and problems
  • Negotiate a fair and competitive price
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6. Closing without stress

  • Dealing with all the paperwork
  • Sign CPCV and deed
  • Dealing with payments and taxes
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It became an incredibly smooth experience and there was constant communication with us! It was super easy to deal with Advisor, who sent several options within what we were looking for

Anica and Tarica

Focus and preparation on an efficient and smooth purchasing process

16 suggestions sent

The best options on the market for your requirements and preferences

8 agencies contacted

To clarify information and doubts about the interesting apartments

5 visits made

One of them, done remotely via video conference by our Advisor

30 days

Between the first conversation and the CPCV proposal and signing

3 hours

Legal support with CPCV terms and drafting of powers of attorney

1 proposal

Presented 2 hours after the visit, with CPCV signature on the same day

Find my home

Nomad Homes was with us at every stage of the home buying process, from the visits to the end of the process. They answered all of our questions and made sure we were happy with our decision!

Anica and Tarica

Advice and support for a smooth closing

We use market information and the legal support of our lawyers to ensure an efficient, yet smooth and smooth closing.

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We made comparative analyses to make sure that the final price represented a good opportunity

Hand holding a house with a dollar sign


The original CPCV did not include a down payment clause in case the credit was not approved due to the evaluation

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To enable the signing of the CPCV within the timeframe desired by the seller

Avoid mistakes in the business fencho

Thank you for making this experience more simple and relaxed

Anica and Tarica

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